Thursday, 9 April 2015

EGBR 2014

Well it's under way - I have just finished summarising the Gulls/Skuas/Terns/Auks section and I know Alan Rosney has nearly finished his section. I only have 4 volunteers this year [to whom I am eternally grateful], but there are 12 sections in all. If there's anyone else out there who can handle a spreadsheet and feels they have a good enough turn of phrase to produce summaries of the sort that you see in the report, do please get in touch with me. You can see what species each section comprises by looking at the title page of the last report.


John Wilson said...

Have now started Waders - another big section.

John Wilson said...

Gulls and Waders now summarised! Phew - 2 big sections out of the way.