Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New hide & scrapes at Parc Slip

After the GBC field trip on Thursday last [27th Mar] we headed over to Parc Slip to meet Rob Parry the warden, and to take a look at the new hide and scrapes, both out of interest, and because the Club is sponsoring a couple of the scrapes [£1000 each one] to help pay for the new hide. The hide is a really swish job and was designed and built by ET & S Construction Ltd of Maesteg, of which club member Jeff Slocombe is a director, and who provided some valuable in-the-know input into its design. The assembled members all agreed that an excellent job had been done. Here's a couple of my phone pix of the hide & the scrapes as seen looking out from it, and also pic by Rob of the invading field trippers. The hide is to be named the Mary Gillham hide in memory of Dr Mary Gillham who dedicated her life to the understanding and enjoyment of wildlife, esp. in our area, and published many books.
John Wilson

 GBC are sponsoring the scrape immediately in front in this view, and the one slightly away and to the right.