Thursday, 5 September 2013

Llanishen/Lisvane Res sold

The latest news is that the reservoirs have been sold by WPD to Celsa Steel, the Spanish firm that bought ASW's Tremorfa steel works. Their main aim is apparently to continue using Lisvane Res to supply water to their facility. Others, including RAG are speculating that Llanishen Res will be re-filled and sailing and fishing can resume. This seems doubtful, at least as far as simply refilling it is concerned. I would imagine that having been empty for so long, drying out of the structure will mean that it will no longer be watertight, although I'm not a civil engineer so stand to be corrected.


David Gilmore said...

According to what I have heard, the sluices on Llanishen are still welded 'open'. For the Res to be filled these would have to be shut. The process for filling would be 3 years to just cover the reservoir bottom, and a further 7 years to be filled to the level it was just before being drained. Celsa have agreed to keep the reservoirs shut to the public until next April - at least. The fences will remain in situ with extra fences a possibility. Lisvane Res. will be a source of water for the steelworks, hence the purchase. Fishing & sailing are light years away despite what the Nimby's say or local politicians for that matter. Birding will be permitted from the carpark. News for dog walkers - they're banned - hurrah! The res will still be monitored by all local birders. All records gratefully received.

John Wilson said...

Thanks for that update Jake. More or less status quo then.

RGS said...

It could be advantageous to have a shallow water level in Llanishen with the odd raised 'island'.
I suspect that this res is not required by the owners for water supply purposes.
As a reservoir proper, it is possibly damaged beyond repair since the draining.
Obviously no sailing, no dogs but good for waders!

David Gilmore said...

The GRC/GBC are continuing with a waterbird survey at the Reservoirs Oct 2013 to Mar 2014. This is an ongoing monitoring survey which has been in operation for the last 2 years. The survey mainly covers Lisvane Res, however counts are now being made at Llanishen, although - and as far as the survey team area aware, the status quo remains, as to water levels there. I can tell you that good numbers of Common & Jack Snipe have been recorded there, which is encouraging.
The GRC/GBC wishes to thank NRW for their support for survey work to continue and to Celsa for graciously allowing access to this important waterbody within the city of Cardiff.