Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Recording using the approved spreadsheet

I've just been going through all the 2012 records so far received from observers who use the standard spreadsheet I send out, or who have exported records from a database into a spreadsheet. These are of course much more useful than paper records which have to be manually input. However a huge problem for me and also the section writers when I/they try and sort them is caused by having site names preceded by an OS Grid Ref. e.g. ST1873 Cardiff Bay. Hence when you sort the records on site name, these sites all get listed together so all the SS's and ST's are grouped together regardless of what the actual site name is, and end up separated from those records where just the site name is used, sometimes by a large amount e.g. the example above, and Aberthaw and STwxyz Aberthaw would be miles apart in the sorted records - not very useful when you are trying to summarise maxima etc. I have noticed that in some instances observers have preceded a site name with the GR then repeated the GR in the GR column provided! So what I have been doing this afternoon is going through the spreadsheet I have so far [no recs off MapMate yet], and which contains almost 19,500 records!!!!! to remove GRs from the site name. It's taken me hours :-(
So, this is a plea to all observers who use the spreadsheet to just use the site name in the site name column and put the GR in the GR column only, please please pretty please :-)

Monday, 18 March 2013

Gbc nestbox event

Tonight, Tues 18th, we helped the 7th Bridgend Guides make up nest boxes from kits that GBC volunteers had produced from donated timber. These will go up in their respective gardens and we hope to get news of their success in due course. John, Adrian, Alan & Martin.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

An elegant dismount!

Our 4x4 got delayed by repairs to a landslip on Mount Victoria in Burma and we got a lift in the back of this truck full of rock! Disembarking was a delicate operation!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Lets Make a Coastal Path

SSSI not worth the paper its written on
Cors Crychydd Reen firing range.Dead Swan adjacent field.