Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Bird Report 2012

It's that time of year again - already!!! Time to get your records ready for submission. Please send them all to me. If there are any that require the attention of the records committee in your batch that you are unaware of, I will weed them out and forward them on. We had 2 large batches of records fail to reach me for 2011, one due to a problem with MapMate syncing, and the other due to e-mail problems.
Sincere apologies at this point to the observers concerned.
It is best for all recs to come to me in the first instance [and I'm talking about your batch of year's records here]. If you have individual description species records these shd really already have gone to the Recorder almost immediately after you had seen the bird[s], but if you are submitting them late then they can go straight to whichever Recorder is appropriate.
Thanks at this point to the handful of observers who have been sending in their records as the year progressed. Also thanks to Graham Powell and Neil Donaghy their whole 2012 years' output just recently.
Full instructions about sending in records can be seen on the main web site under the menu items <Birding Resources>, <Record Submission>.

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John Wilson said...

I have now received quite a number of records from people who use spreadsheets, so thanks to you all. This means that the master spreadsheet, without any records from MapMate yet, contains a little over 7000 records already.