Wednesday, 21 November 2012

EGBR 2011

The 2011 Bird Report will be posted out as soon as poss. We are hand delivering some to save postage [thanks to Dave Bush in Porthcawl] and me in Penarth :-) Need to get envelopes and hopefully my local sub postoffice will postage label them as he offered last year. JDW


John Wilson said...

All reports to be posted were stuffed in envs this arvo, and now have address labels. I plan to visit our sub post office tomorrow to see if they will postage label them for me. If so it will depend on when they can do them as there are around 210 to be done, so please be patient.

John Wilson said...

Quick msg. All GBC member's reports which were not collected at the launch event are now with my local sub post office, and they will be working their way through the 217! envelopes applying postage labels and dispatching them in the next couple of days. John W