Sunday, 18 November 2012


There is a special event to celebrate the 50th edition of the annual Bird Report at KNNR on the eve of Tues 20th Nov [i.e. this coming Tuesday] starting at 7:45 p.m. There will be refreshments including Mrs Wilsons exceedingly good cakes, sandwiches, and drinks and a couple of illustrated presentations on the recorders and reports past & present, some history, and a question & answer type session regarding the future. Please come
along and support this event.


John Wilson said...

What a successful evening! Circa 50 people attended, old friends from way back met and chatted, we had a couple of interesting presentations, people enjoyed scoffing Mrs. Wilson's sarnies & cakes, and we saved quite a bit on postage by personally handing out 50th Edn reports, which were well received. Thanks to all for your support.

admin said...

excellent news,but what chance the contributors get a copy?

John Wilson said...

Hi 'admin'. That's odd, I thought I was admin as it was me who created this forum. :-)
Copies are sent out to all GBC members, who constitute nearly all the contributors of records and whose contact details we have. Clearly transient visitors to the area whose records get mentioned, we can't trace. If you are a contributor 'admin' then let me have your name and address and I'll willingly send you one.