Friday, 12 October 2012

2011 East Glam Bird Report

..... is nearly finished! Just one article which is being e-mailed to me Sun p.m. and I will be taking it to the printers on Tues. I would like to say a huge thanks to all involved in getting it into shape, esp. as it's the 50th edition, the 'team' being:
David Gilmore [recorder & GRC, data accuracy, foreword, historical articles]
Richard Smith [photo editor]
Joek Roex [typography & layout advice & proof reading]
Colin Richards & South Wales Peregrine Monitoring Group [Peregrine report], {and drawings from Colin}
Paul Parsons [drawings]
and the following section writers:
Daniel Jenkins-Jones [wildfowl plus WeBS report]
Richard Smith [raptors]
Alan Rosney [spot fly to starling plus weather report]
Graham Tierney [doves to peckers]
Wayne Morris [plus BTO report]
Rob & Linda Nottage [divers to herons]
Viola Ross-Smith [Flat Holm report]
Rich Facey [Cardiff ringing report & non-gull Flat Holm data]
Peter Howlett [Glam ringing report]
David Carrington [KNNR ringing report]
Peter Morgan [obituary for Dave Bull]

I did waders, gulls, finches & buntings, larks to wagtails, dipper to thrushes, water rail coot moorhen and game birds - phew!
Thank you everyone :-) - I hope I have not forgotten anyone.

It's down to Nick and CopyPrint now ......
Don't forget the launch event on 20th Nov - to include free refreshments courtesy of Mrs Wilson of the famed Exceedingly Good Cakes :-)


John Wilson said...

PS forgot to say thanks to all the excellent local 'toggers for the fantastic photos they have allowed us to use.

David Gilmore said...

Cheers John & thanks for all your hard work. Plus a big thank you to all involved in the production of the 2011 EGBR. DRWG

Anonymous said...

John with regards to Peregrine reports its the group supplying you with data , it's not just Colins data , far from it!

John Wilson said...

Thanks Mike, appreciate that. I was thanking Colin for the report [which he supplied on behalf of the SWPMG] rather than his own data, but I'll amend the post to make it clear. The report he sent is in the main Pere summary and is identified as the SWPMG report. Cheers, John.