Thursday, 29 March 2012


I see some idiots set fire to an area of Llanwonno the other day. Just as well the Nightjars haven't arrived yet. The silly season has arrived.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chiffy at Cosmeston

The chiffy below was singing at Cossie this morning. I grabbed a couple of shots as it was just overhead. Having just looked at the pix the untidy feathers around the base of the bill drew my attention. Looking closer it seems to me that the distal end of the upper mandible is missing. If so I wonder how it ever manahged to feed up to get here, unless it has overwintered, but even then how did it feed ... tongue and lower mandible?
Agreed with diagnosis??

Friday, 23 March 2012

Mynydd bach, Maesteg.

                                  Male Sparrowhawk. More photos on the Llynfi valley blog at -

Thursday, 22 March 2012


a.m. - Chiffchaff singing near the car park, 2 drake Shoveler on W lake. Tufties now down to about 25. No Sand Martins.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Worrying development plans for Lavernock area

It was with some alarm that I became aware of VoG council possible development plans concerned with land between Cosmeston and the Lavernock coast. The Vale Council have published some Local Deveopment Plan Proposals, included in which is the possibility of building 450 houses on land which stretches from Lavernock Road right out to the coast path, immediately south of the Lavernock Park and Lower Cosmeston Farm estates, and includes the 'green lane' and associated hedgerows and adjacent fields which run from just opposite Cosmeston up to the coast path, an excellent area for migrant passerines. Here is link to an article in the Penarth Times . If you read this, please follow this link to an online petition opposing this proposal - and sign the petition..
Also below is a link to the VoG web site and the associated consultation documents, including a LDP Proposals Map.The area is labelled MG2 (16) at the extreme RH end of the map [it's an 8MB pdf]. This is the link to the page on the VoG site - . On top of this there is also a proposal for further housing on the right of Lavernock Road about halfway between Cosmeston and the turning for Sully Bay/CaptainsWife and Sully Island.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012