Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Please respect the wildlife at the Wharf.
I have seen at least 5 photographers with a lack of field craft skills and caused the Owls obvious distress,no point going into details.I would also add that there are some who take their hobby seriously and have used the minimum amount of disturbance.Being a regular at this area with a few others,we are well aware of the roosting areas and know where to avoid.I for one would encourage seeing these magnificent birds,but would ask people to use a little countryside sense.Tread lightly and close the gates.Also i don't mind showing people around, there have already been visitors who  have left Owless and some i have redirected and scoped the birds for them.The latter were on a collision course with the roost until yours truly decided to intervene.
Lets put the birds first.


John Wilson said...

Thanks Clive, well put. See also this comment from Richard Smith from the GBC sightings page:
SEOwls may be viewed without ANY disturbance whatsoever from the main coast road AT the boundary between Cardiff and Newport (approx 100m towards Newport currently at 1500- 1630hrs.
There is no need to go onto the wharf at all as they fly out over the adjacent fields and even cross the road in the late afternoons.

John Wilson said...

I parked on the road yesterday afternoon, and had stunning views of 1 bird which crossed the road, quartered the field and flew alongside the ditch just across the road from me. Best views I've ever had of this my favourite owl.

sobek85 said...

Where's the best place to park and get to the whaf without disturbing the birds?

John Wilson said...

Where I parked on the road was near the Newport boundary sign. Then scan the fields between the road and the coast. In other words no need to go on the to Wharf proper although that can be accessed from the path that starts by Sluice Farm, to the east of the county boundary.