Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Please respect the wildlife at the Wharf.
I have seen at least 5 photographers with a lack of field craft skills and caused the Owls obvious distress,no point going into details.I would also add that there are some who take their hobby seriously and have used the minimum amount of disturbance.Being a regular at this area with a few others,we are well aware of the roosting areas and know where to avoid.I for one would encourage seeing these magnificent birds,but would ask people to use a little countryside sense.Tread lightly and close the gates.Also i don't mind showing people around, there have already been visitors who  have left Owless and some i have redirected and scoped the birds for them.The latter were on a collision course with the roost until yours truly decided to intervene.
Lets put the birds first.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Local Patch.

Indoor meeting

Don't forget the indoor meeting tonight - on a trip to Australia byJohn & Margaret Samuel - I've alreayd seen it and it's v good.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Seawatching from Bracelet Bay

Great Northern Diver in Bracelet Bay
Seawatching from the carpark 07:30 to 09:30

1adw Great Northern Diver flew into the bay around first light. It soon drifted out of view around the lighthouse and was quite mobile thereafter. Flying west and east past the bay before coming in very close. Later (11:00) while at Crymlyn Burrows a Great Northern Diver flew from the Mumbles direction and landed in the shipping channel leading to the Neath River was considered to be the same bird.

Otherwise not much of note although a steady stream of 300+ Auks flew out of Swansea Bay heading west. Mainly Razorbills (150+) and a few Guillemots (10). Also noted heading west Common Scoter (6), Gannet (7) and Kittiwake (100+)