Monday, 28 November 2011

I'm back!

Apologies to all who have tried to contact me over the past 2 weeks - I have been in Botswana. I did post warnings about the postponement of the Chew trip yesterday but not everyone checked the web site. It is now scheduled for 18th Dec.


Cardiff Clive said...

Looking forward to your trip report John.
You've missed some superb action over the Wharf.

John Wilson said...

So I understand. I'll have to try & get over there.
Botswana awesome although the mobile safari bit took it out on my back - lurching around offroad in the bush for 9 days! However the backache was nullified by up close and personal views of Lion & Leopard [we saw 3 Leopards incl a lovely fem with an Impala kill]. 248 spp of bird seen with around 120 new.