Monday, 31 October 2011

EGBR 2010

Have just 'phoned the printer. They are in the process of stapling, then they have to cut & trim. Shd be ready Weds a.m.. It's getting a bit 11th hour as I am away Thurs - Sun and then back next week until Sat when we leave for Botswana. Hope to get them stuffed & posted b4 then.

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John Wilson said...

Collected the reports midday-ish. Stuffed them all in envs this arvo - address labels already attached by Alan - ta Alan. Now need to sort out postage. Am gonna see if I can persuade our local PO where I always buy the stamps, to support them, if they can print out sticky postage labels for them all. Last yr involved 3 separate non-self adhesive stamps for each envelope!! Took bloody ages >-(