Monday, 23 February 2015

Photos for the East Glamorgan Bird Report 2014

Its that time of year again when I am encouraging local photographers (and there are now so many) to support the East Glamorgan Bird Report 2014 by submitting their work for possible inclusion.
I am only interested in HIGH QUALITY shots depicting birds taken in Eastern Glamorgan in the calendar year 2014 complete with location and date.
The preferred format is on CD mailed to my address - after first contacting me on email at
You are probably aware that there is a 'hard core' of picture providers each year but I am always interested in displaying the work of newcomers that meet the following requirements.
What am I looking for:
High Quality pictures preferably not edited too much capable of being used by our printer. Basically the more pixels the better.
Rarities photographs serve as a record of occurrence and may not be subject to the higher  standards  required for non rarities. These will always be included.
Excellent photographs of birds that are not regularly submitted or indeed photographed that often e.g Grey Partridge, Wood Warbler (see last year)
Uncommon birds that have not appeared regularly in the reports in recent years for example Snow Buntings, Bitterns and Purple sandpipers are annually submitted but not included every year. However shots that depict these birds very well or engaging in interesting activity are more appealing and may 'force' there way in.
I do NOT want to see photographs of birds included on Schedule One that have been taken without licence, have possibly caused disturbance of breeding pairs or have prevented a distressed or weakened bird from recovering its health.
So contact me if you think you have something that I would be interested in
Richard Smith.

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John Wilson said...

Good timing Rich. TBH not many people look here even tho' it's the ideal place to put it in terms of its necessary length. I hope it's OK but I'm taking the liberty of putting links to it on the GBC FB page, South Wales Birding FB page and Twitter, all of which have a lot of regular followers including plenty of foggers. Cheers, John