Sunday, 23 February 2014

Let's ban expanded polystyrene fast food and drinks packaging in Wales

This stuff is a direct threat to the environment, as I'm sure most readers of this blog will know. Tiny bits of plastic, including from this source are  polluting every water body on the planet, and being ingetsed by all marine and freshwater animals and any birds that feed on them.

It's completely unnecessary, there are alternatives available - like cardboard, bio-degradable starches and so on.

'Friends of Barry Beaches' have a petition on the National Assembly's web site: You do NOT have to live in Wales to sign it.

Please sign and pass on the word to friends via email and social media.



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John Wilson said...

Thanks for posting that Paul. I have put something on the GBC Facebook page with links to here and the petition, as I think more people look at that nowadays, than here. A shame I know but that's how it is.