Monday, 29 April 2013

Urgent: Information on House Martin and Swift nests in Cardiff wanted

A project that has been incubating for 2 years has just hatched.

A little later than we planned, Cardiff Council have produced attractive, good quality, bi-lingual flyers to educate residents about the House Martins and Swifts that may nest in their buildings. We want to stop illegal destruction of nests by people who are unaware of the law.

I shall be distributing the A5 leaflets to the flats around the HM colonies in Adventurers' Quay (Cardiff Bay), and at Fairwater Green, while GBC members, Linda Newton and Julia Barrell, will be ensuring the known swift nesting sites are similarly treated. Both leaflets are below, they have Welsh on the reverse.

Linda and Julia are determined to track down all the House Martin and Swift nest sites in Cardiff, but don't want to survey areas where sites are already known. If you know of any nest sites in the Cardiff area, can you let Julia know? Julia can be called on 029 2030 3231.  You can also contact her if you would like some of the leaflets to pop through your local letterboxes.

We'll be writing up the project in due course and hope it can be a model to be used more widely in future years.

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