Saturday, 2 June 2012


This morning i observed a dog walker who usually turns right at the top of Cors Crychydd Reen use the gate to the seawall on the leftthand side.She is entitled to do so.The problem lies with a high tide and waders using the wall to roost.She owns a hunting dog which caused havoc.Breeding Lapwings walk their chicks across the path and onto the shoreline,these are very exposed to any disturbance.Also Skylarks nest here as to in the past Ringed Plover (not seen this year),Oystercatcher.Grey Heron,Egrets and a few others pushed up by the tide are in for a rough time now.The dogwalker uses this stretch of coast every morning as do one or two others,but thats all it takes.I know this will probably fall on deaf ears,The Wharf is ugly,unpopular and not of any signifcance as other coastlines,but surely something has to be put right now before we lose an important area.We already lost thousands of waders due to the barrage.Lets not leave this until its too late.


John Wilson said...

Not sure we have the wherewithal to do anything about this Clive, annoying tho' it may be. I assume you mean she walks to the east? I haven't been there for a while but I assume this is all part of the Wales Coatal Path now.

Clive Ellis said...

Yes the east.2 other dog owners,one with 2 dogs all head this way.There is a gate open to all.Breeding birds afford some protection,surely?I walked this area with Laura and explained everything.I am pretty sure the Coastal Path was going ahead regardless of any surveys taking place.A pointless meeting with her took place,but i guess all the boxes need to be ticked so the people making the decisions have gone about their jobs in the right manner,even though the outcome was already known.Easier to say yes on this one,no need to upset anyone at the top and make things difficult.Shorties have made an attempt at breeding recently,unfortunately they've been washed out..
If this was further west or Newport then the disturbance would not take place,the public would'nt allow it.Lapwimgs are having a hard enough time as it is.Ah well,aired views is about as far as i'll get.
Thanks JW

David Gilmore said...

I'm afraid this is just the thin end of the wedge. Both CJ & myself were asked to give our comments at meetings on the proposed path back last year. We both stated that the AWCP would cause serious problems to birds on certain sections of the coast between Cardiff & Newport and CJ also stated sections between Newport & the Severn crossing. What we were given was basically a fait accompli, it was a political decision and it was here to stay. The red line on the maps was the line it was going to take - the only hiccup in this route was the few hundred metres that passed the Rover Way camp (enough said about them). We asked in particular about dogs and the disturbance they bring - just look at Lisvane Res. We we told that it would be open to all - walkers, joggers, cyclists, family parties etc etc. As I stated it is political, to make them look good in the eyes of the general public. All I can suggest is that the birders who use these sites log everything: what disturbance is being caused, dates, were dogs involved etc. and hope that our concerns will be looked into. However don't hold your breath.