Friday, 10 February 2012

Quiz - when and where?

Anyone out there twitch this one? No prizes, but who can name the county [not bad], nearest town [better], site and date [top notch]. This is a scan of a print, found whilst tidying up a cupboard.


John Wilson said...

I've had a guess from Mike Cram of Staffs at Trentham-under-Lyme 1991, but that's wrong.

John Wilson said...

OK no-one else is going to have a go so I'll reveal.
It was in Nov 1985 at Brick Kiln Farm between Westleton and Blythburgh in Suffolk. This was one of my earliest rare birds and was an 'accidental' or fortuitous twitch. We were on holiday with friends whom we took to Minsmere, where we got chatting to another visitor who casually enquired as to whether we had seen 'their' Nutcracker. Two of the rarest birds on my UK list as of this sort - this one, and the Wallcreeper at Cheddar in Mar 1978, even longer ago - yikes. Again Anne & I were caravanning with our kids somewhere near Chew. I popped down to Chew one evening and the usual happened. Anothe rbirder came up and said "anything about", to which I said I had just seen a Sprwk sitting in a tree. he then said "have you seen the Wallcreeper?" whereupon I nearly dropped my scope!. Anyne else had ticks in that way?